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Award-winning SilcSkin Range

SilcSkin Brow Pads

Brow Pads

Designed to help with crow's feet and the brow area. A must-have for that special occasion!

SilcSkin Multi Area Pads

Multi-area Pads

Designed to help wrinkles that form below the eyes and around the mouth as well as the brow area.

SilcSkin Decollette Pads

Decollette Pad

Designed to help reduce chest wrinkles quickly and best of

all, they're re-usable!

Collette Pads

Designed for the neck area and help prevent neck and clavicle wrinkles.

SilcSkin Eye Pads

Eye Pads

Designed to prevent wrinkles, bags and crepiness under the eyes and the crow's feet area.

SilcSkin Full Face Set

Full Face Set

Contains 7 anti-wrinkle pads that are designed to target wrinkles on the face.

SilcSkin Collette Pads
SilcSkin Cleanser
SilcSkin Hand Treatment


This cleanser prepares your skin before the application of the anti-wrinkle pads. Removes make-up and oils.

Hand & Body Treatment

Formulated to help get rid of wrinkles on your hands, arms, elbows and legs.

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